* Headshots by Lisa Hancock Photography


Lisa Hancock has been photographing actors for more than 15 years and has mastered the art of helping you to relax in front of the camera and come to life in your headshot. She is also a keen observer of character and, as a visual storyteller, able to help you capture a specific casting so that your headshot works more effectively for you. "With all of my clients, I take the time to get to know you and to discover your best lighting and angles. That's the foundation," Lisa says. "But, even more than that, with every click of my camera, I'm really striving to tell your story and to achieve a strong, authentic connection between you and the viewer. I'm obsessed with casting and types, so we talk a lot about that together. It's an important part of your self-discovery as an actor." Lisa also loves shooting and editing small video clips of you in motion to promote your brand. These can be shared on social media and on your website to really elevate your brand. Inquire for rates. Sessions are held in a large professional studio in Long Island City and/or out on the city streets, weather permitting. Call for a free consultation today!


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