Callback Reels


Our goal is to make you a successful actor. Not having a demo reel should never stand between you and booking your next role. We'll provide you with reels of industry-leading quality that put your skills on display. We don't want to overstuff your reel with unnecessary fluff. In short, this means no elaborate sets or crowded film crews. If this was a full-blown film production, then yes, we would absolutely go all out! But we're not filming a movie. We're filming a demo reel scene centered on you. And the only thing that truly matters to agents, managers, and anyone who's watching your reel, is your performance. They want to know if you have talent or not. That's it! So we aim to give you exactly what you need to showcase your talent without overdoing it. We'll travel to a filming location of your choosing, whether it be your own private residence, a local park, or even a random nearby street corner. Seriously, we can make anything work. You'll get HD cinematic footage, crisp audio, tight editing, and all the necessary bells and whistles that'll make your reel stand out as a professionally produced project among amateur home videos. To top it off, you'll get a digital delivery of your completed reel in one week (usually less than that), a YouTube upload, and continuous social media promotion. A convenient byproduct of this simplified approach is that our prices are extremely low. We offer packages of 1 to 4 demo reel scenes, starting at $250. No tax, no travel fees, nothing. The price you see is the price you're charged, period. All packages include the following: • Custom-Written Script(s) • Rehearsal & Direction • 1 Hour of Filming Per Scene • Footage Logging & Editing • Color Correction • Sound Editing & Mixing • 1 Week Turnaround • Digital Delivery of HD Video Files • YouTube Upload • Social Media Promotion But don't take our word for it. Head over to and check out our work for yourself! And please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Los Angeles, California
United States