Six-Week Acting Class with Reading or Two-Hour Intro Class at Sedgwick - Russell Acting Classes


Sedgwick Russell Acting Studio was formed in 2011 by actors Rob Sedgwick and Cathy Russell. They believe that the most effective teaching occurs when students receive dual perspectives on their work which lead to discussions, discovery, and growth.

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A 6-Week Acting Class and Reading for an A-List Director

Sign up for the six week class before May 21 and you’ll also get a free three hour master class with Kyra Sedgewick. Kyra will talk about her life and career as an Emmy Award winning actress, director, and producer and direct and film scenes with selected students´╗┐




Catherine Russell and Rob Sedgwick's careers in show business epitomize staying power. During his 30-year career, Rob has guest starred in a number of television shows, most recently including appearances on 30 Rock, Law & Order, and Damages, as well as roles in films such as Die Hard, and in many off Broadway theater productions. Catherine not only teaches acting classes at NYU and serves as a producer and general manager of the long-running musical The Fantasticks, but she also continues adding to her Guinness World Record for Most Performances of a Theatre Actor in the Same Role; she's tallied more than 10,000 performances in Perfect Crime, and the show is still running strong.

During Sedgwick - Russell Acting Classes, Rob and Catherine share their hard-won insights with acting students. Together, the duo co-teaches six-week acting classes for artists who range from complete beginners to working professionals. The instructors’ shared approach emphasizes honesty in identifying students' strengths and weaknesses, buttressed by support to keep artists confident and excited about expanding their skill sets. Classes typically focus on audition technique and culminate in a real audition for an A-list casting director.