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TIRED OF HOLLYWOOD ACTING SCHOOLS? This is a Private, 1-on-1, totally focused on "You" complete acting mentorship by a true professional working Actor. "Even a beginner will be delivering professional caliber work in 3 months"! Video Chat available.

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This is not another 4 to 6 hour marathon acting class or seminar held in an old musty theatre, taught by an ex-actor with decades old TV bit parts on his resume. Nor is this a class where the individual attention is so limited it takes years and thousands of dollars to possibly evolve your skills to the professional level


This is a private, one-on-one, totally focused on “You” complete acting mentorship taught by an actor with over 100 series regular, recurring or guest lead TV credits and numerous films. Who only recently has worked as a recurring or guest lead on GREYS ANATOMY, NCIS NEW ORLEANS, SECRETS AND LIES, THOSE WHO KILL, NCIS, CASTLE, RED WIDOW, THE MENTALIST, AMERICAN HORROR STORY (ASYLUM), LONGMIRE, CRIMINAL MINDS, CSI, THE GLADES. This is a place where, because of the individual focus and technique I’ve created that is giving me success; even a beginning actor will be able to deliver professional caliber work in 3 months. Guaranteed!


Here you will be learning the real facts from a real working actor! You’ll be finding out what has truly gotten me jobs, and what hasn’t. Getting trained on what a professional actor really does to wow casting directors and build a lasting career. But most importantly acting will be fun again because you will know what to do and how to do it, causing the fear and tension in your work to evaporate. All in a totally safe, inspiring, career shifting environment. 



As an aspiring actor I always dreamed about being able to talk to and ask an actual working professional actor the questions I could never get answered by my acting teachers. What real actors really did on set, the truth about the audition process from someone that has been successful in it, and about a thousand other questions about the craft and career. Well here is your chance. What I offer here is the way I always dreamed of learning about acting and this business. By a mentor coach. From someone who can actually DO what he’s teaching, not just theorize and talk about it.


One on one, you and I will work on your technique using scenes from the most current TV shows, films and plays. I will teach you a very thorough and complete nuts-and-bolts method of acting one solid step at a time, not a philosophy! You will be learning a script analysis system that will help you to access your emotions and give you a way not to just feel them, but to use them with dimension and power. But most importantly I will teach you this technique by using exercises and drills with your scenes that I devised out of years of frustration by being taught to act by directors or ex-actors that personally could never use the craft they were teaching.


These exercises, which have transformed my own acting and understanding of the craft, will enable you to totally comprehend and completely own the tools of this method of acting on a cellular level. The point of this coaching is to insure that you have stand out auditions and that you are able to deliver dynamic professional work on set and under pressure. So, in all our sessions I will be using a camera and taping your scenes in mocked-up audition room and on-set situations. This will allow you to see exactly where the tools of your craft are functioning and where they are not. Enabling you to always know specifically what to work on to get to that next level. Also, due to the mock audition drilling we’ll be doing, when certain curve balls happen in the audition rooms you won’t panic or think twice. You will just immediately apply what we’ve drilled in our sessions and nail it! More importantly, due to the focus and intensity of the one on one coaching and having a veteran actor as a scene partner, your growth and learning retention will be accelerated far beyond any group class environment where personal attention barely exists. 




"Rod's coaching was my missing link, after one month with him I booked the new Batman 'The Dark Night Returns,' and huge guests spots in 'Justified,' and 'CSI NY.' And now that 3 years working with him has passed my resume is further padded with the movie 'Jobs', 'Seven Psychopaths', and now a lead role across from Nicolas Cage in 'Joe', as well as 13 guest spots and a recurring on HBO'S 'True Detective'. Finding Rod has been like finding gold. ~~Ronnie Blevins: actor~~

"Rod's a working actor so he gets it. His coaching and experience prepared for all the things that could happen on set. He's my secret weapon". ~~Travis Fimmel: actor-'Vikings', 'Warcraft'

"Rod did it again. I just finished spending 3 months working with Quentin Taratino on 'Django Unchained' with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx. Thanks to him my careers in a place I've only dreamed of." ~~Sammi Rotibi: actor-'Django Unchained,' 'Tears of the Sun', 'Lord of War'.

CONTACT For more information or to schedule a coaching session call (323)-333-9867.


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