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The craft of acting is not meant for the pristine isolation of the classroom. It is meant to work in the real world.

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NYC Acting Classes Overview

At Penny Templeton Studio, we provide acting classes for the advanced, professional working actor as well as the beginning actor who’s just starting out.

We are always looking for devoted actors who want to take their craft to new levels. Our approach is to fully commit ourselves to our actors, we give them everything we have and in return we expect the same. The result: actors with the approach, skills and tools needed to truly be an acting lion.

At Penny Templeton Studio we don’t “teach” acting classes, we hold acting classes in which we teach individual actors. The idea being, that while there are universal concepts to the acting technique, each actor is a unique individual who needs nurturing and personal attention.

Acting has drastically evolved from the days of Stanislavsky and the Group Theatre, when techniques were geared for the actor who would rehearse for 5 or 6 months, or more. Gradually the business began speeding up as TV and film work increased and theatre rehearsals went from 8 weeks to 6 weeks to the current 4 weeks.

What didn’t evolve was the way the techniques (the craft) were presented and used by the actor. It wasn’t working for actors the way the masters had intended. Acting technique needs to be a living breathing process that grows to meet the ever changing demands placed on actors today.

One of the great misconceptions is that the “Craft” is only for theatre, when in fact today, actors go from theatre to film to television, and the craft must go with them. Today’s actor is under constant pressure to deliver the goods faster and faster.

What should be a collaborative effort can feel like a battle just to survive. How does an actor make herself totally vulnerable to access the deepest emotions while being forced to rush to get the shot before they lose the light?

Penny’s entire career as an acting coach and teacher has been about developing an approach to the craft of acting that is grounded in the teachings of the great masters, and yet prepares and equips actors for success in the reality of today’s acting industry.

Her classes have been arming actors with this ever evolving eminently usable approach to the craft, preparing them to succeed in this modern fast paced world of acting. Her actors are always ready to act. They face the challenge of any acting situation without fear. In fact, they relish it!


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Located in Midtown Manhattan, 344 W 38 Street Between 8th & 9th Avenues

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