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"Tian had an amazing time (his words!) and is still in his high spirits. He rocked the audition!” Your child is the most important part of our process. I start with everything that makes them amazing and go from there.

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I’ve played “MOM” in hundreds of commercials—funny commercials, sad commercials, commercials with lots of lines and ones that tell their story with no words at all. I’ve worked with directors who are wonderful at coaxing performances out of their cast and some who barely spoke to us on set. Through it all, I’ve learned a few things about commercial auditioning and acting with kids.

Most kids have 90% of what they need to book commercial work INSIDE them already. The same things that make our own children fascinating, adorable, quirky, interesting and heartbreaking are the VERY things that will lead to their success in commercials. The key to successful commercial auditions lies in giving children the space, freedom, confidence and tools to have fun, and do great work.

I approach coaching children for commercial auditioning with this same philosophy—every child is unique, fascinating, and perfect AS IS. My job is to help your child bring their unique qualities into the audition room every time—while nailing the lines and blocking, of course. The more technical aspects of commercial auditioning—working with copy, learning how to slate, taking direction, understanding blocking for the camera and more—are there to enable your child to feel comfortable and supported during an audition, which in turn allows them to be themselves, be professional, and make a lasting impression.

Just as your child is unique, the way we work together will be as well. My goal is to find out what works for YOUR child, and make it easy and fun. Our coaching sessions will have a dual focus—using exercises and Improv/theater games to unlock our sense of ease and fun in the audition room, and learning/practicing the more technical aspects involved in auditioning. We’ll always start with the most fascinating, important part of the process—your child—and go from there.

Together, we’ll create a process that supports your child, encourages them to truly be themselves, and allows them to have fun and do great work!

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