Lucky Frank Demo Reels


What makes Lucky Frank Demo Reels unique way above the competition is the pricing options. The studio is able to achieve a VERY high quality production for 1/10th of the price of it's competitors. We are so low we can say it right here. Our most popular package is $424 for 3 scenes. That's $141 PER SCENE. We are able to accomplish this in two ways! First, we can book clients to act in each other's scenes to do two shoots in one session. That way we get paid. You get the best performances from another paying client, and you get the highest quality scene at the same time. Win Win. Simple. Smart. Second, we keep up with technology. What the other companies don't tell you is that we are able to produce professional high quality scenes at a lower cost for ourselves. Companies like Blackmagic, Panasonic, Canon, Sony etc. are selling cameras, sound and movement systems in a much more portable and cheap way than they were even a year ago! We know this, our competitors know this and now you know this!

A Taste of Our Client's Work


838 N. Mariposa Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90029
United States

Griffith Park, Paramount Studios, Hollywood


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