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The mission of AMP Subs is to get its Los Angeles-based actor clients meetings with
1) Agents and Managers that suit their current needs and
2) Producers who can legitimately hire them for acting roles.

Contact Information

PO Box 292397 Los Angeles, California, United States 90029

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AMP Subs is a hard copy headshot submission service

for Los Angeles-based actors

who want extra help in securing great representation.

We submit your hard copy headshot and resume to:

  • approximately 50 LA agents and managers per month

  • producers who are currently working on LA based projects

  • for a grand total of about 60-80 headshots each month

When they get a thick, juicy package with several headshots from AMP Subs, they’ll open it right up and hopefully call you in!

Once per month, AMP Subs will email you labels that you can use to follow up with each of the people that we’ve submitted your headshot to.

Why Use AMP Subs?

We get it: You’re an actor.  You even moved to Los Angeles because you love acting so much!  Though right now, you’re feeling some discomfort, perhaps even pain, around that because you are not where you’d like to be in your acting career.  You do what you think you’re “supposed” to do, though you’re overwhelmed.  You have a full life… perhaps a job, maybe a spouse or child to think about, eating, exercising, the typical “stuff” that everyone has to contend with. And still, it’s not enough.  You don’t have representation you’re happy with, if at all!

In addition, you’re a creative individual.  The business side of this industry might cause you a bit of anxiety… there’s so much to do, to think about, to “get right”… where do you even begin?

For some, this shows up as frustration, for others, that feeling of “what’s the point”?  The point is, you love acting!!! There are just a few hurdles to jump before you can get there.

AMP Subs was designed to help you clear one of the biggest hurdles: Getting meetings with people who can represent or directly hire you.  What would the life that you’re living now look like with this particular (BIG!) task taken off of your plate? How would you feel knowing your pictures and resumés are getting out there?


Here's What AMP Does for You:

AMP Saves You TIME

-       WE spend OUR time researching agents and managers and tracking down their addresses for you.

-       WE spend time figuring out who is producing what and when for you.

-       YOU spend your actor-time in classes, workshops, and in meetings rather than researching, addressing, stuffing envelopes, affixing postage and mailing.


-       EACH mailing of your headshot costs you AT LEAST $1.25 considering cost of envelope and postage.

-       To find out who is producing what and when is also an expense – you have to pay for this information, not to mention actually read through it all!  We do that for you!

-       You can be on a shoot, or even out of town, and your headshots will still be delivered!

AMP Makes Your Actor-Life EASIER

-       We email you a document with all of the specific places that you have been sent to each month.  You can print these labels easily, making follow up a snap!

-       You know that your submissions will get out there, no matter what you have going on in your life, or where you are. It’s so much easier knowing that you’re getting your headshots out each month without having to think about it.

-       We only send packages to legitimate agencies and managers, some that you might not think you’re right for… or not even ready for! But who knows? They just might call you in! It’s happened to us… and it doesn’t cost you an extra dime to be sent to anyone! Your submission gets seen by boutique agencies and powerhouse managers alike.

Hours of work

Usually in the office
Monday-Friday 10 AM - 4 PM


Downtown Los Angeles

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