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Acting class just getting started! Only $30 a week, limited to 12 actors only! We will work work work each week! Warm up creatively, perfect cold reading, loosen up further with improv, work on monologues, and plenty of scene study!

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1644 Country Club Drive Glendale, California, United States 91208

phone: view phone323-868-8489


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Charles Laulette (Resume)



Acting class just getting started! Only $30 a week! (Limited to 12 actors only!) We will work work work each week! Warm up creatively, perfect your cold reading, loosen up further with some improv, work on your monologues, and plenty of scene study every week! ...And at times we will even work on scenes from one of my nine festival award winning screenplays, too! Won over 100 awards thus far! (Google my name, look me up on my Facebook Page, and/or look me up on IMDB.) After all, one never knows when one of those might get sold, picked up, and/or financed... I hope sometime really soon!

*Get a unique prospective, MINE, on getting the beginning of your scene right, and then allowing for a parachute of your homework to float you safely and subconsciously throughout the rest once you have pulled the rip cord for yourself at the beginning! Moment by moment acting/being will be our goal spent here in class every week! Being a writer for the past three years, has most certainly helped me and I have now acquired a greater understanding of this prospective from not only an actor's point of view (Earlier in my life), but also from a director's point of view, the writer's point of view, and most importantly yours... The actor and your very own instrument fulfilling the demands of every scene you do every week!

Look forward to hearing from you...

All the best,

Charles Laulette


Hours of work

Open for hours depending on the core group's availability, but would be great if it was on any Mon-Thurs evening beginning at either 6PM or 6:30PM and going until we've finished our work for the week.


1644 Country Club Drive, Glendale, CA 91208 and/or at the nearby Dad's Club on Canada Blvd. of the same zip code, and/or still involved in looking for an alternative space.

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